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B&B Art Domus Reale

153, St. Sicilia  - 4 th floor

Holiday House Art Domus Imperiale

117, St. Piemonte - 4 th floor


00187 Rome, Italy

0039 333 888 6535

0039 06 42 81 88 66



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The five bedrooms, library lounge and  kitchen are designed to satisfy the most demanding guests, who want to feel pampered even outside their home.

Freshly renovated rooms in a stylish design that recreates the atmosphere of Rome: At the entrance - Rome disappeared, in Lounge - Rome of the Emperors and to enjoy the Italian Renaissance - rooms with Leonardo's, Raphael's, Titian's, Correggio's and Botticelli's  paintings.

Room Leonardo

Each room - a different emotion!

The room "Leonardo", passionate and refined has two queen beds and is furnished  with high quality. The room has the possibility of adding a baby cradle.






The rooms "Raphael, Titian  and Correggio" are double. Elegant and decided are decorated with damask fabrics and prestigius furniture that add a refined note to the modern, functional comfort.




We offer rare and unique service-the choicee of sheets between "art deco", Monet's "impressionism" and Goya's "neoclassicism"-signed "Fazzini" ,"Croff" and "Bassetti".





The bathrooms are equipped with shower, courtesy kit, hairdryer, scales.

Room Botticelli The room "Botticelli", graceful and delicate, is a single room with a king bed. The Botticelli's paintings convey the harmony and the pure beauty of their characters.

The kitchens, solar and happy are modern.

Choose the room that best reflects your soul,
your vacation and immerse yourself in your personal "Dolce Vita"!


The kitchen, solar and happy is modern .

You can use for dinner for those staying more than a week.


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